The eHealth Exchange supports a diverse group of governmental and non-governmental organizations that exchange data under the eHealth Exchange trust framework. Here is a sample of the types of organizations that have onboarded:

  • Federal Agencies
  • Regional Health Information Organizations
  • State Health Information Exchange Organizations
  • Integrated Delivery Networks
  • Academic Institutions Provider Collaboratives
  • Dialysis Centers
  • Pharmacies
  • Release of Information Companies (Currently in Pilot Status)
Organizations interested in becoming a participant eHealth Exchange community should begin the process by reviewing the Onboarding Overview along with the below documents, which are incorporated by reference into the DURSA:

Data Use and Reciprocal Support Agreement (DURSA)

Verify that your organization can satisfy the provisions in this agreement.

The DURSA Policy Assumptions document outlines the key policy assumptions that underscore the agreement.

Operating Policies and Procedures

Ensure your organization meets the Participant eligibility criteria as described in Operating Policy and Procedure #1 – Review and Disposition of Applications for Participation.

Validation Plan

Orient your organization with the Validation Plan and related Testing Documentation which will be used to validate that your system satisfies the technical requirements for participation in the eHealth Exchange.


Identify the business use case and related specifications applicable to your organization’s transaction patterns.

Submit an Application Package

Review the Onboarding Process and e-mail your Application Package to administrator@ehealthexchange.com.