The largest health information network dedicated to the public good

A “network of networks,” eHealth Exchange connects healthcare providers, regional and state health information exchanges, public health authorities, payers, and federal agencies to exchange medical data and improve patient care and public health.

A network you can trust

Trusted exchange | Proven security | Certified data quality | Commitment to privacy

We facilitate

21 Billion

Data exchanges annually

We support

250+ Million


We consistently have



We store


Patient Data

Pioneering new areas of health data exchange

Using Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) and other standards, we are transforming health data exchange across the country.


Ensure information is available for care, but also for business operations and payment.


Streamline prior authorizations and receive clinical documentation for payment.​

Public Health

Effectively manage public health with near real-time data using FHIR and other emerging standards.


Extend your reach to exchange with other HIEs, and healthcare organizations outside your jurisdiction.

Network by the Numbers

eHealth Exchange connects a broad range of public and private organizations, including:


Federal Agencies




Medical Groups


Hospitals & Health Systems




Dialysis Centers

eHealth Exchange is proud to spearhead provider and payer exchange across 34 states.

Interoperability provided on a national scale

More and more organizations are choosing to trust eHealth Exchange because we connect organizations across the country to securely and accurately exchange patient data. This improves the speed, quality, safety, and cost of healthcare for more than 250 million people – and counting.



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Benefits of Participating

Why choose the eHealth Exchange network?

Who's in the Network

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Expanded network access through a single connection

When you connect to eHealth Exchange, you can take advantage of Carequality and ONC’s Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement™ (TEFCA™) with no additional subscription fee.

Exchange with 35+ networks using Carequality, including athenahealth, CommonWell Health Alliance, eClinicalWorks, Epic and others.

As one the first designated Qualified Health Information Network™ (QHIN™), our participants can opt-in to TEFCA-based exchange with eHealth Exchange.

What participants get from eHealth Exchange

One Legal Agreement

All participants adhere to a standard set of legal agreements, including the Data Use and Reciprocal Support Agreement (DURSA).

One Connection

Connect via a single set of APIs, meaning you can share health data with other participants – without additional customizations or point-to-point integrations.

Network Governance

Participants of eHealth Exchange actively govern the network by collectively deciding what the network may and may not do.

High Quality Data

We are the only nationwide network whose participants must pass rigorous content validation tests. This means all data exchanged is truly interoperable and usable.

Privacy and Security

Unlike other networks, we don’t store patient data, track patient movements, or use or disclose patient data for secondary purposes. This makes us a less attractive target for cyber-criminals.

Vendor Agnostic

We use industry-standard technology specifications that can connect with any electronic health record (EHR) system. There is no vendor lock-in for maximum flexibility.

eHealth Exchange takes privacy and data security seriously

As the network trusted by federal and state agencies, eHealth Exchange exceeds industry standards and has achieved HITRUST and NIST security certifications.

Our participant agreement upholds HIPAA regulations, and we are transparent with our information handling practices. 

Health Information Trust Alliance

HITRUST certification enables vendors and covered entities to demonstrate compliance to HIPAA requirements based on a standardized framework.

National Institute of Standards and Technology

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework helps businesses understand, manage, and reduce cybersecurity risk and protect their networks and data.

Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act

Every eHealth Exchange participant signs the DURSA and it defers to HIPAA regulations as the foundation for sharing protected health information.

Ever-Expanding Use Cases

Our use cases expand with community interest and leverage cutting-edge technology to serve the public good, enhance your workflows, and minimize effort. In addition to constantly improving data exchange for clinical purposes, we support use cases covering public health and payer exchange.

Join the largest health information network in the country

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