Benefits of eHealth Exchange Participation

Joining eHealth Exchange offers easy access to the largest network of health data in the country. Together, we can improve the speed, quality, safety, and cost of patient care.

Trusted by 5 major federal agencies in the U.S.

The largest health information network

By joining a network that facilitates 21B+ transactions annually, your organization can get the data you need, when you need it, to ensure your patients receive safe and effective care. With a single legal agreement and technical connection, eHealth Exchange provides access to:


Hospitals & Health Systems




Medical Groups




Dialysis Centers

We are proud to facilitate exchange with public health agencies in 64 public health jurisdictions.

Provide the right information

Providers need clear, current information about their patients. We deliver that.

Unlike other networks, eHealth Exchange tests and validates all participants to guarantee the quality of the data they provide.

This means your staff and providers can trust the information they get, without having to sort through hundreds of pages of outdated and unusable health information.

Connect to public health

Timely data is vital to assessing and responding to emerging public health concerns. We help public health agencies and providers have the information they need to address outbreaks and allocate resources effectively.

eHealth Exchange connects with public health agencies across all 50 states, allowing information to flow between providers, public health agencies, and others to facilitate an appropriate and timely response to any public health concern.

Accelerate prior authorization and payment

Disjointed workflows related to prior authorization, billing and payment make it extremely difficult for payers and providers to administer. We use Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) to:

A single connection and contract for all your data exchange

Reduce the burden on your staff and your budget by simplifying your interoperability strategy. With one legal agreement and technical connection you can avoid lengthy and costly point-to-point integrations.

Our user-friendly APIs unify how you send, receive, and query health information with all other health systems and networks. Your staff doesn’t have to learn a new set of protocols to share or receive patient records.

eHealth Exchange is a future-proof option

Don’t worry about having to replace technology or train your staff on new systems.

As the oldest nationwide network, we adapt as health IT evolves and continue to be leader in the field to drive change for the public good.

In addition to continuously improving our network functionality, we adopt emerging interoperability frameworks and standards. Incentives encourage all network participants to use these cutting-edge programs:

Patient care for the public good

Your goal is to ensure patients receive quality care, and so is ours.

As a nonprofit organization, we are dedicated to the common good. This stands as the basis for all our decisions. We reinvest our proceeds in new use cases and emerging areas within the data exchange to your benefit and the benefit of all.

With eHealth Exchange, your investment supports this shared principle, giving you an effective and efficient solution you can trust.

Coordinate care for your patients

Patient needs don’t stop once they leave your facility. Many still need attention, guidance, and support in between face-to-face visits or when they end up at emergency departments and providers outside your network.

Through our vast network, your providers can stay in the loop for better care coordination.

Access analytics for clear operational understanding

You don’t just need patient data – you also need to understand your operations to streamline services and administration.

eHealth Exchange offers the Hub Dashboard to help you identify who you are exchanging with, transaction volume, response times, drill-downs and download.

Join the largest health information network in the country

Expand your access and connectivity to the U.S. healthcare system with eHealth Exchange