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Address emerging public health threats with eHealth Exchange

eHealth Exchange is the only network that connects with public health agencies across all 50 states.

Connecting the nations public health agencies

eHealth Exchange is a quick-to-implement and cost-effective solution to automate the submission of electronic case reports (eCRs) for 80+ reportable conditions, reducing burdens on providers and public health agencies. Our partnership with the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) is the primary way providers and public health agencies connect, either directly through eHealth Exchange or our bridge to Carequality. 

With eHealth Exchange public health agencies can:

Access critical information to identify the emergence of infectious diseases or adverse events in your area.

Minimize the chances of disease spreading or additional adverse events with improved information sharing.

Monitor treatment and react in near real-time.

Coordinate with providers and public health agencies to ensure proper care is provided.

Alert state and regional health information exchanges (HIEs) for wider awareness.

Discover the many benefits of exchanging with eHealth Exchange

Get ALL the information you need when you need it

During public health crises, you need as much information as possible to respond accurately and effectively to investigate possible cases, track exposures, identify the initial source, and control the response.

eHealth Exchange’s eCR capabilities ensure you receive complete patient information immediately within a single view. 

Prepare for data influx as providers earn CMS MIPS and IPPS points

The CMS Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS), which increases provider payments for care, is accelerating public health-provider connectivity.

eHealth Exchange is set up to help automate and streamline submission and/or responses for:

FHIR up yourpublic health efforts

The expanding use of Fast Healthcare Interoperability (FHIR®) for data exchange is a boon to public health organizations.

Providers are more easily sharing timely and relevant public health information from their existing clinical workflows without having to open multiple applications or websites.

eHealth Exchange is already aggressively using FHIR

In fact, one of the nation’s largest FHIR implementations in the country is through eHealth Exchange. In a joint project with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), health systems are already submitting adverse drug events to FDA using FHIR, and FDA is able to retrieve additional data to support case investigations.

eHealth Exchange, FHIR and the FDA

Download the report on enhancing biologics adverse event surveillance via scalable, FHIR-based infrastructure.

Why public health agencies choose eHealth Exchange

Trusted exchange | Proven security | Certified data quality | Commitment to privacy

We are reducing burden for public health agencies by making it easy to get the information needed to address public health concerns.

One Legal Agreement

All participants adhere to a standard set of legal agreements, including the Data Use and Reciprocal Support Agreement (DURSA).

One Connection

Connect via a single set of APIs, meaning you can share health data with other participants – without additional customizations or point-to-point integrations.

Network Governance

Participants of eHealth Exchange actively govern the network by collectively deciding what the network may and may not do.


Everything we do is on our website. What you get, who we are, and what we charge. All network updates are documented and shared publicly.

High Quality Data

We are the only nationwide network whose participants must pass rigorous content validation tests. This means all data exchanged is truly interoperable and usable.

Privacy and Security

Unlike other networks, we don’t store patient data, track patient movements, or use or disclose patient data for secondary purposes.

Join the largest health information network in the country

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