Better care. Faster payment.

Data is critical to administer care. Armed with a clear patient history, providers can improve diagnoses and treatments and avoid adverse reactions. Electronic data exchange also helps you get paid faster for the care you provide.

Access and share clinical data with ease

We simplify interoperability and onramps to national frameworks so you can focus more time on treating patients and less time worrying about accessing and sharing information.

eHealth Exchange is also vendor agnostic and provides connectivity for more than 30 electronic health record systems.

If your technology is an eHealth Exchange Validated Product, you save time and money onboarding. 


Quality, not just quantity of data

We connect you to the nation’s largest network for health data exchange, AND we ensure all of our participants test the quality of the data shared, so it is human and machine readable.

This means you will receive quality data that is truly interoperable, usable, and much easier to manage.

Trusted by providers, committed to patients

As the nation’s largest health information network, we can connect you to more patient records and medical histories than any other network. We facilitate more than 21 billion data exchanges annually, supporting more than 250 million patients across diverse care settings. 

Not only can providers share patient data with each other, with eHealth Exchange you can also share with federal agencies, payers, public health agencies, and more.

Network by the Numbers


Federal Agencies




Medical Groups


Hospitals & Health Systems




Dialysis Centers

Regional and state HIEs participate in eHealth Exchange.

Coordinate care for your patients

For patients with chronic or complex illnesses, uninterrupted care across providers and clinical settings is essential for the best possible health outcomes.

eHealth Exchange makes that easy.

Share patient records with referral providers and specialists and stay in the loop on the care they provide. 

Connect with public health agencies in real-time

Use our network for connectivity and trusted routing when your EHR automatically generates case reports and sends them to the appropriate local, state, and national public health agencies.

Let us help reduce administrative burdens associated with manual reporting and reporting across jurisdictions.

Provide individuals with easy access to their medical records

Empowering individuals with their health information can be a gamechanger! They are better able to monitor chronic conditions, adhere to treatment plans, track progress in wellness, and directly contribute their information to research. 

eHealth Exchange enables clinical exchange between an individual and their provider(s).

Simplify prior authorization, billing, and payment

Insurance delays can interfere with care, and administrative processes are a huge burden for providers.

eHealth Exchange is leading the way in integrating payers into provider interoperability workflows. We’ve already adopted FHIR® standards and are actively working with several payers to simplify the process, including speeding up prior authorizations and submitting for payment.

Adopting data standards for payer-provider exchange.

Collaborating with major payers on prior authorizations and payment processes.

Connecting federal payers to the exchange network.

Supporting disability determinations with clinical documentation.

Helping clinicians achieve maximum payment through CMS.

Discover the many benefits of exchanging with eHealth Exchange

A single connection with multiple benefits

With one set of APIs and one set of legal agreements, your practice is connected to the largest health information network in the country with onramps to Carequality and ONC’s Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement  (TEFCA ).

No technology upgrades. No additional connections.

Why providers choose eHealth Exchange

Trusted exchange | Proven security | Certified data quality | Commitment to privacy

We are reducing administrative burden by making it easy to get the information you need to address care demands with more than 250 million patients.

One Legal Agreement

All participants adhere to a standard set of legal agreements, including the Data Use and Reciprocal Support Agreement (DURSA).

One Connection

Connect via a single set of APIs, meaning you can share health data with other participants – without additional customizations or point-to-point integrations.

Network Governance

Participants of eHealth Exchange actively govern the network by collectively deciding what the network may and may not do.


Everything we do is on our website. What you get, who we are, and what we charge. All network updates are documented and shared publicly.

High Quality Data

We are the only nationwide network whose participants must pass rigorous content validation tests. This means all data exchanged is truly interoperable and usable.

Privacy and Security

Unlike other networks, we don’t store patient data, track patient movements, or use or disclose patient data for secondary purposes.

Join the largest health information network in the country

Expand your access and connectivity to the U.S. healthcare system with eHealth Exchange