Barriers to Health IT Interoperability Are Not Just Technical; They Also Include Legal and Policy Impediments.

To address such barriers, the eHealth Exchange Cooperative took on the responsibility of developing the legal infrastructure to support the exchange of health information among participants. Because eHealth Exchange is constantly growing and evolving, so must its rules and processes for operation.

Among the key differentiators for eHealth Exchange is its longstanding participatory approach to governance.

Network Governance

The Coordinating Committee provides the needed governance, oversight, management and support of the trust fabric for eHealth Exchange participants.

QHIN Governance

Established to meet TEFCA obligations, this committee oversees strategic, operations and management issues related to the eHealth Exchange Qualified Health Information Network (QHIN) and provides governance to their QHIN Participants.

Corporate Governance

The eHealth Exchange board representatives and officers provide oversight to the financial, legal, risk, and strategic aspects of the corporation.