About eHealth Exchange

The eHealth Exchange (“Exchange”) is a group of federal agencies and non-federal organizations that came together under a common mission and purpose to improve patient care, streamline disability benefit claims, and improve public health reporting through secure, trusted, and interoperable health information exchange (HIE).

Participating organizations mutually agree to support a common set of standards and specifications that enable the establishment of a secure, trusted, and interoperable connection among all participating Exchange organizations for the standardized flow of information, by:

  • Sending health information to other participating organizations
  • Finding and requesting copies of healthcare information from other participating organizations where permitted by law and policy
  • Matching patients to their data without a national patient identifier
  • Subscribing to receive updates to health information

Review the positive Economic Impact that the eHealth Exchange has had on participating organizations.

Core Values

  • Lead in national-level exchange of health information to establish HIE as a standard of care, while fostering and supporting innovation
  • Maintain openness and transparency in the conduct of operations
  • Cultivate trust and protection of information exchanged
  • Encourage participation and inclusiveness across a diverse set of stakeholders
  • Provide for accountability, fairness and due process
  • Maximize effectiveness and efficiency in the exchange of health information
  • Evaluate, learn and promote continuous improvement in its own operations