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Modernize your efforts to exchange health data and expand access to additional networks across the country through the HHS and ONC’s Trusted Exchange Framework and Common AgreementSM (TEFCASM).

One of the nation's first Designated QHINs

We are one of the first Designated Qualified Health Information Networks™ (QHINs™) under TEFCA. eHealth Exchange stands ready to help connect our current participants, including health information exchanges (HIEs), federal agencies, health systems, payers, public health agencies, and others.

eHealth Exchange is a Designated QHIN

A nationwide, federally endorsed exchange framework

TEFCA is a common set of principles, standards and specifications, terms, and conditions that establish a floor for universal health data interoperability.

It ensures that patients, providers, payers, and other stakeholders have secure access to electronic health information to improve individual care, foster public health, inform clinical research, and other vital use cases.

How participants can join TEFCA

QHINs (like us) form the backbone of TEFCA. We facilitate the exchange of information with all other QHINs. To join TEFCA, you must be connected to a Designated QHIN.

We offer TEFCA connectivity to our participants as an optional service with no additional network participation cost. Participants interested in joining TEFCA have two options of connectivity explained below.

Two methods of TEFCA Connectivity

QHIN connectivity through eHealth Exchange can occur in a couple of ways. Participants may either connect through their existing HIE/HIN or directly through the eHealth Exchange network.

Connect through your existing HIE/HIN

If you’re connected to a regional or state HIE and that HIE participates in TEFCA through the eHealth Exchange QHIN, then you already have an onramp.

Connect directly through eHealth Exchange

You can participate directly in TEFCA by accepting the associated terms and conditions to exchange with TEFCA via our QHIN. Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more.

Celebrating our TEFCA Trailblazers

Thank you to our first eHealth Exchange participants committed to TEFCA-based exchange via the eHealth Exchange QHIN.

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TEFCA Obligations and Protocols

View TEFCA terms and conditions, protocols, and standard operating procedures.

TEFCA Readiness Checklist

Review the requirements checklist for participants to exchange through TEFCA.

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As one of the first QHINs in the country, we have a team of experts ready to answer any of your TEFCA questions.

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