eHealth Exchange

The largest healthcare information network in the country and now a Designated QHIN under TEFCA

Active in all 50 states, eHealth Exchange is a Network of Networks connecting federal agencies and non-federal healthcare organizations so medical data can be exchanged nationwide to improve patient care and public health.

eHealth Exchange participants

are seamlessly sending millions of COVID-19 testing and diagnoses reports to the CDC, and other national and state agencies.

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If you need to exchange patient data nationwide via a single API, we’re worth a close look.

The only network connecting healthcare providers to 5 federal agencies

What is eHealth Exchange?

eHealth Exchange promotes interoperability on a national scale so regional exchanges can benefit by expanding their reach to improve their members’ care decisions.

A Network of Networks!

77% of the nation’s state and regional HIEs
exchange patient data within our network.

Regional and/or State HIEs
Federal Agencies
0 %
of all U.S. Hospitals
Medical Groups
Dialysis Centers


Interested in joining us to expand access and connectivity to a broad range of organizations, public and private?

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