There are Two Types of Fees Associated with the eHealth Exchange:
eHealth Exchange Network Participation Fees (Annual)
  • Annual service fee that covers the cost to support participants who exchange data under the DURSA and purview of the Coordinating Committee
  • Covers ongoing support and maintenance of trust framework, specifications, service registry / provider directory, certificate management, as well as expanded support services which include: operational monitoring, PKI certificate testing, and content testing.
  • eHealth Exchange network fees are based upon a participant’s annual healthcare revenue. For governmental agencies and non-profit organizations, annual participation fees are based upon annual operating costs instead of revenue.
  • Beginning July 1, 2018, content testing fees are bundled with the Annual Participation Fee.

Health System / HIO Fee Schedule (Effective September 1, 2018)

Testing Fees

Participant Testing Fee: Applies to every organization onboarding for the first time to the eHealth Exchange and may apply if an existing participant changes vendors or makes substantial changes to its system once in production and are detailed in the Participant Testing Agreement. Multiple testing fees may apply if multiple systems / connection points exist.

Applicants that are using an eHealth Exchange Validated Product are only required to complete the Smoke Tests. Content Testing is required for ALL applicants and participants.

The standard testing fees to not apply for applicants that are using an approved Qualified Technology Solution (QTS) vendor.

Product Testing Fee: Applies to vendors seeking to validate their product and are detailed in the Product Testing Agreement.