How eHealth Exchange Supports MIPS Requirements

In 2021, CMS launched a new alternative Promoting Interoperability measure for the CMS Merit-based Incentive Payment System. This is good news for the eHealth Exchange Participants. eHealth Exchange Participants may fulfill the “HIE Bi-directional Exchange” measure – a yes/no attestation worth 40 points – when they share health information bi-directionally via the eHealth Exchange HUB. 

If your organization both initiates and responds to queries from other Participants in the HUB, then you may request a letter of support from eHealth Exchange for the “HIE Bi-directional Exchange” measure.

To review the detail about the alternative measure visit the link below:

Federal Register with the specific data:

Please keep in mind that Requirements may change each Performance Year (PY) due to policy changes.

Interested organizations may complete the form below to request a letter.