Learn more about the new eHealth Exchange Hub!

The eHealth Exchange is evolving its technology platform to reduce information sharing expense, further expand its national reach and support innovative capabilities such as a national record locator service. The eHealth Exchange will integrate its FHIR Healthcare Directory with InterSystems solutions, enabling the network to enhance its patient-centric services while also completing its implementation of the Carequality Interoperability Framework, which is used by an estimated 600,000 physicians to share data today across and among networks.

Hub Responder and Initiator Testing

Hub Initiator Testing – Hub initiator testing measures your organization’s ability to send (initiate) requests over the Hub.

There are two options for Hub initiator testing:

  • RECOMMENDED: Self-service Hub initiator testing
    • Using a test patient, your organization will send a patient discovery request to the Hub’s test platform with the goal of receiving a patient “not found” response.
    • The self-service Hub initiator testing document¬†provides the details you need to successfully test.
  • OPTIONAL: If you need assistance beyond the self-service testing noted above, please contact administrator@ehealthexchange.org and request a one-on-one working session.¬† One of our Participant onboarding team members will contact you to schedule a date/time.

For Hub support issues in your Production/Live Environment, please email HubServiceDesk@ehealthexchange.org or call 833-793-0188.