Description of changes:

VALIDATION Environment (12/9 @ 12:00p EST)

As part of the Certificate Authority migration project, the Hub will no longer accept Entrust-provisioned certificates from Initiating Gateways in VALIDATION.  After this change, connections to the Hub in VALIDATION will only be allowed from initiators presenting MaxMD or EMR Direct certificates.

PRODUCTION Environment (12/9 @ 5:00p EST)

An enhancement is being deployed to automatically retry sending of messages that fail due to a specific error received from some Responding Gateway(s).  It was determined that a large number of these messages are successfully processed by the Responding Gateways upon retry/resend by the Hub.


These changes will be applied to the eHealth Exchange Hub VALIDATION and PRODUCTION environment as outlined above.


We do not anticipate any other service interruptions in the PRODUCTION environment during the related maintenance event; Real-time routing of messages through the Hub should be unaffected.

We do, though, anticipate that some Participants may not have completed their migration off of Entrust certificates in the VALIDATION environment, and therefore they will be unable to connect to the Hub in VALIDATION.  The resolution is for those Participants to replace their Entrust certificate with their new MaxMD or EMR Direct certificate.


eHealth Exchange staff will monitor during the upgrade window to address any questions or concerns.


The eHealth Exchange Hub team has implemented a recurring weekly scheduled maintenance window each Thursday evening at 5:00pm ET for all non-urgent events. The duration of each maintenance event will be determined by the respective changes for each event, and details will be communicated out to all Participants at least 48 hours prior to the event. If there are no changes for any given week then the maintenance event will not occur and no notice will be sent. Also please note that Operating System and similar updates that do not require a service outage, and do not require changes to the application layer, will be performed during this scheduled maintenance window without specific notice due to their frequent and routine nature.