Per OPP #5- Change Process – Operating Policies and Procedures, III. Procedure, the Coordinating Committee will appoint a workgroup to review all OPPs at least every 3 years.  The workgroup convened over several weeks in June to review and recommend changes for the Coordinating Committee to review and approve.

On July 18, 2023, the Coordinating Committee approved revisions to all 14 Operating Policies and Procedures (OPPs). A copy of the current documents and revised documents are available at Per DURSA Section 11.03, the OPP Change Process, there will be a 30 day period where Participants have the opportunity to register any objections to revised OPPs before they take effect.

Any objections should be emailed to  To that end, please advise by close of business on 09/30/2023 if you have any concerns regarding these changes being adopted for the eHealth Exchange.

If fewer than 1/3 of eHealth Exchange Participants object, the changes outlined shall go into effect on 9/1/2023. If more than 1/3 of eHealth Exchange Participants object, additional steps must be taken before it can be adopted.

Thank you in advance for your support,
The eHealth Exchange Team