Certificate Support

Self-service identity proofing and certificate management capabilities for network members

DirectTrust and its Certificate Authority Partners (EMRDirect and MaxMD) offer our network members self-service identity proofing and certificate management capabilities.

Self-service capabilities will include:

  • Validating your organization and identity proofing the authorized sponsor
  • Creating and uploading a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)
  • Downloading a Certificate
  • Renewal and revocation of your Certificate

Please note, all Entrust certificates have been decommissioned as of December 31, 2021.

Get Support
All support is provided by DirectTrust. Staff facilitates all issues related to obtaining and downloading the Certificates. The goal of eHealth Exchange and DirectTrust Certificate Authorities is to offer excellent service to network members, while maintaining the highest level of security. To address issues with or renew an existing Certificate, contact the help desk.

To get started on receiving a new Certificate, reach out to your onboarding contact. If you have submitted an application but do not have an onboarding contact, please reach out to administrator@ehealthexchange.org.