QHIN Governance for eHealth Exchange's Designated QHIN

The RCE Onboarding and Designation SOP requires each Qualified Health Information Network (QHIN) to have a representative and participatory group to oversees strategic, operations and management issues related to its QHIN network and provides governance to its QHIN Participants.

Committee Overview

The eHealth Exchange QHIN Governance Committee operates as a consensus body who provides deliberations and decisions over the following “Governance Functions”:

Committee Leadership

Gary Parker

Chair and QHIN Participant Representative

Alabama One Health Record

Phil Beckett

Vice Chair and QHIN Participant Representative



QHIN Participant Representatives

Gary Parker

Alabama One Health Record

Nichole Sweeney

CRISP Shared Services

Phil Beckett

Vice Chair

QHIN Subparticipant Representatives

Allen Daniels

Huntsville Hospital HS

Sheena Patel, MD



John Kansky

Representing eHealth Exchange Coordinating Committee
Indiana Health Information Network

Pam Matthews, RN

Representing Healthway Inc. Board
East Tennessee Health Information Network

Pat Russell, RN

Representing eHealth Exchange Staff
eHealth Exchange