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Participant Testing

The eHealth Exchange Participant Testing Program was developed to test compliance for health information exchange (HIE) standards as required by the eHealth Exchange Coordinating Committee for onboarding to the eHealth Exchange network.

Its purpose is to enable organizations that want to join in eHealth Exchange to validate the compliance of their health information technology (HIT) with the eHealth Exchange Performance and Service Specifications as established by the DURSA. 

Applicants that are planning to join eHealth Exchange should begin by reviewing the Onboarding Overview. The first step in the process is to complete the Application Package. Testing may be required after your application has been approved.

Participant Testing

The Participant Testing Program is specifically designed for applicants that are seeking to onboard to  eHealth Exchange or for existing eHealth Exchange participants seeking to retest their system due to a major system upgrade or change to their technology. Upon successful completion of participant testing, a test summary report will be provided to the eHealth Exchange Coordinating Committee for their use in making a determination whether the eHealth Exchange applicant has satisfied all of the requirements for participation in the network.

  • Applicants are required to test the 2011 specs.
  • There are 6 smoke tests and 19 required security tests.
  • Content testing is required for all applicants and participants.
  • If using an eHealth Exchange Validated product, participant need only run smoke tests.

Participant Test Case Documentation

This program is used by eligible organizations (such as health information exchange organizations, health systems, pharmacies, etc.) in order to onboard and to become participants on the eHealth Exchange and includes the following:

Required Files to Execute the Retrieve Documents Test Cases  This document contains the information required to execute the test cases, including patient demographics, document metadata, as well as the mapping of the documents to the patients. The data must be put into your Test Environment exactly as prescribed in the spreadsheet, and all attributes must be loaded (unless the attribute is an optional element and is not supported by your system).

Content Test Case Documentation

On February 5, 2018, the eHealth Exchange launched an enhanced content testing program. 

Content Validation Guidance

C-CDA Content Testing Scope/Documentation (Approved/Effective January 11, 2017)


eHealth Exchange has been collaborating with the Veterans Health Information Exchange (VHIE) since 2016 to improve the quality of data exchanged for the care of veterans across the US. The exchange of clinical data for the treatment of veterans leverage the eHealth Exchange network to improve continuity of care, reduce duplicative tests, and avoid clinical errors when patients see health care providers from different practices or networks.

On August 25, 2020, we hosted a webinar about how the eHealth Exchange network has been working with participants and the vendors to improve the quality of data exchanged to better understand a patient’s health history, develop safe, more effective treatment plans and to make sharing more seamless and secure for a patient’s care team.

View Recording | Download Slides

The Validation Plan

Orient your organization with the Validation Plan and related testing documentation which will be used to validate that your system satisfies the technical requirements for participation in eHealth Exchange.

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