Product Testing

The eHealth Exchange Product Testing Program was developed for product vendors and verifies that the systems developed by vendors that may be used by applicants and participants, comply with the specifications prior to being implemented in the applicant’s and / or participant’s production environment.

Upon successful completion of product testing, a Product will earn the eHealth Exchange Validated seal. Any organization that onboards to the eHealth Exchange using a Validated Product will only need to complete the smoke tests and will have reduced testing fees.

To Apply:

Complete the Product Testing Application which includes the Product Testing Services Agreement; and submit to

Once your application is received, eHealth Exchange staff will review it for approval. If approved, we will generate an invoice for testing fees and refer you to begin testing. All testing fees are detailed in the Testing Agreement. For ACH & Wire instructions or to request an invoice earlier in the process, please contact

See Testing References page for the required documentation, including test cases, test data sets, and content testing details.