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Product Testing

The eHealth Exchange Product Testing Program was developed for product vendors and verifies that the systems developed by vendors that may be used by applicants and participants, comply with the specifications prior to being implemented in the applicant’s and / or participant’s production environment.

To Apply

Complete both the Product Testing Application and the Product Testing Services Agreement and submit both documents to

Once your application is received, eHealth Exchange staff will review it for approval. If approved, we will generate an invoice for testing fees and refer you to begin testing. All testing fees are detailed in the Testing Services Agreement. For ACH & Wire instructions , please contact


Upon successful completion of product testing, a Product will earn the eHealth Exchange Validated seal. Any organization that onboards to eHealth Exchange using a Validated Product will only need to complete the smoke tests and will have reduced testing fees.


eHealth Exchange features all Validated Products online and at events throughout the year.

Product Testing

The Product Testing Program is for product vendors seeking to verify their product against a more rigorous set of tests that will result in their product being considered “eHealth Exchange Validated.” Any applicant or participant that utilizes an eHealth Exchange Validated Product will not need to conduct any of the security testing. This will result in a cost reduction for the applicant.

  • There are 6 required smoke tests and 35 required security tests
  • Vendors must run all provisional test cases. But a FAIL on a provisional test case will not impact the results of the testing.

Product Test Case Documentation

This program is used by vendors who want to get their software “eHealth Exchange Validated” and includes the following:

Note:  This is a draft set of provisional test cases that are undergoing further evaluation and comment.  These test cases are ADVISORY only and are subject to change.  The Sequoia Project recommends that vendors conduct product testing against these test cases to assure maximum interoperability and conformance.

Required Files to Execute the Retrieve Documents Test Cases
This document contains the information required to execute the test cases, including patient demographics, document metadata, as well as the mapping of the documents to the patients.  The data must be put into your Test Environment exactly as prescribed in the spreadsheet, and all attributes must be loaded (unless the attribute is an optional element and is not supported by your system).

Content Test Case Documentation

On February 5, 2018, the eHealth Exchange launched an enhanced content testing program. 

Content Validation Guidance

C-CDA Content Testing Scope/Documentation (Approved/Effective January 11, 2017)


eHealth Exchange has been collaborating with the Veterans Health Information Exchange (VHIE) since 2016 to improve the quality of data exchanged for the care of veterans across the US. The exchange of clinical data for the treatment of veterans leverage the eHealth Exchange network to improve continuity of care, reduce duplicative tests, and avoid clinical errors when patients see health care providers from different practices or networks.

On August 25, 2020, we hosted a webinar about how the eHealth Exchange network has been working with participants and the vendors to improve the quality of data exchanged to better understand a patient’s health history, develop safe, more effective treatment plans and to make sharing more seamless and secure for a patient’s care team.

View Recording | Download Slides

The Validation Plan

Orient your organization with the Validation Plan and related testing documentation which will be used to validate that your system satisfies the technical requirements for participation in eHealth Exchange.

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