Is Your Organization Ready for TEFCA?

Organizations are preparing for the launch of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT’s (ONC) Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement, also known as TEFCA, in 2022.

The eHealth Exchange Can Help

eHealth Exchange is already preparing for TEFCA on behalf of its network members. The eHealth Exchange is closely following the work of the RCE and ONC, and implementing anticipated information technology and policies to be in the best position possible to apply to become a Qualified Health Information Network (QHIN) as soon as the process opens. This means eHealth Exchange anticipates a seamless addition of the TEFCA for its members that choose to opt-in when it becomes available. 

In the meantime, eHealth Exchange participants are already enjoying the time and money saving advantages for a nationwide, secure health information network with innovative use cases. 

What is TEFCA? TEFCA outlines a common set of principles, terms, and conditions to support the development of a Common Agreement that would help establish a floor for universal interoperability and a federally endorsed on-ramp for nationwide exchange of electronic health information (EHI) across disparate health information networks (HINs).

The non-profit The Sequoia Project was selected in 2019 to be the Recognized Coordinating Entity (RCE) responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining the TEFCA in collaboration with ONC.

What Does TEFCA Mean For Providers?

The TEFCA is designed to scale EHI exchange nationwide and help ensure that health care providers, HINS, health plans, individuals, and many more stakeholders have secure access to their electronic health information when and where it is needed. 

Currently, participation in TEFCA will be voluntary. The benefits of TEFCA as outlined by the RCE include the expected benefits of interoperability:

eHealth Exchange network participants report these benefits today, in addition to streamlined disability determinations, simplified public health reporting, and reduced time and cost to connect with new data exchange partners. The RCE also predicts that TEFCA participants will see reduced hassle and cost of having to participate in multiple health exchange initiatives, though TEFCA is not meant to replace existing networks today.

On the Road to QHIN Designation

eHealth Exchange is moving quickly to pursue QHIN designated status. Follow our application journey as we share updates below:

Pioneering Network Participants To Pursue TEFCA

Thank you to the pioneering network participants who have announced intentions to be among the first participants in eHealth Exchange’s anticipated QHIN, once eHealth Exchange completes the application process and is selected to serve as a QHIN under the ONC’s TEFCA.

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