Content Testing Program

Let’s Improve the C-CDA Together!

In response to growing industry pain points surrounding content data quality, the eHealth Exchange launched its Enhanced Content Testing Program on February 5, 2018, supported by the Sequoia “Interoperability Testing Platform” (ITP) that enables Participants to submit representative samples of the clinical content documents such as C-CDAs or C32s that they share over the eHealth Exchange Network. The ITP provides feedback and reports to Participants regarding conformance to structure, vocabulary and content specifications, drawing on respective HL7 C-CDA specifications referenced by Meaningful Use 2011, 2014 and 2015 editions of Meaningful Use requirements.

New Applicants joining the eHealth Exchange, as well as Product vendors wishing to validate their products are required to test as part of the ongoing process.

*DEADLINE to pass content testing for ALL participants who tested on or before October 1, 2019 = May 1, 2021

*DEADLINE to pass content testing for participants who tested after October 1, 2019 = 18 months from initial testing report date

Participants unable to remediate all errors and conformance issues should submit a remediation plan and/or a conformance waiver request to the eHealth Exchange for Coordinating Committee consideration within 16 months of the date test results are submitted.

Stay Informed; Inform Our Work

Please visit the eHealth Exchange Testing Wiki site to access the content testing documentation.  You can find it listed under ‘Enhanced Content Testing Program (Documentation Effective: 1/10/17)’.

eHealth Exchange Content Testing FAQs

Need a Review?

On Monday, February 5th, 2018, Didi Davis, Director of Testing, reviewed the new Enhanced Content Testing requirements and tooling for eHealth Exchange product vendors and participants. This webinar included an overview of the documentation and requirements for interoperability testing and exchange of clinical document content between eHealth Exchange Participants.

The webinar PowerPoint slides are available now, and a recording will be available shortly.

Guidance Documents for the eHealth Exchange Network

Coordinating Committee Guidance for Content Validation