Testing References

This page has short descriptions of, and links to, the various The Sequoia Project testing program documents and resources.

The Validation Plan

Orient your organization with the Validation Plan and related testing documentation which will be used to validate that your system satisfies the technical requirements for participation in the eHealth Exchange.

eHealth Exchange Validation Plan

The Official Technical Errata and Change Log.

These are the authoritative sources for changes to all testing programs, or specifications.

eHealth Exchange Testing Change Log
Change Log Service Advisory

Content Test Case Documentation
On February 5, 2018, the eHealth Exchange launched an enhanced content testing program. Visit the new Content Testing section for more information.

Participant Test Case Documentation

This program is used by eligible organizations (such as health information exchange organizations, health systems, pharmacies, etc.) in order to onboard and to become participants on the eHealth Exchange and includes the following:

Product Test Case Documentation

This program is used by vendors who want to get their software “eHealth Exchange Validated” and includes the following:

Note:  This is a draft set of provisional test cases that are undergoing further evaluation and comment.  These test cases are ADVISORY only and are subject to change.  The Sequoia Project recommends that vendors conduct product testing against these test cases to assure maximum interoperability and conformance.