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Workgroup Roster-Voting

Voting Procedures

Participation in the Testing Work Group is open and voluntary, but participants must take part regularly in workgroup meetings and teleconferences. Each participant with Voting Privileges may cast one vote and counts towards quorum. will maintain a Roster of all members. Voting Privileges are based on the Roster Role and attendance of the Member Organization for the Workgroup.


  • When joining the Testing Workgroup, eHealth Exchange Member Organizations are granted Voting Privileges at the start of their second consecutive meeting.
  • If no representatives of an eHealth Exchange Member are present for three consecutive meetings, their privileges are suspended and they no longer count toward quorum.
  • Health Exchange Members voting privileges are re-instated upon attending their second consecutive meeting.
  • An email ballot counts as a meeting.

The Testing Work Group will follow a balloting process and will attempt to reach unanimity or consensus when possible. The Testing Workgroup staff and Co-Chairs shall facilitate the balloting process, including maintaining the official Workgroup roster, overseeing the balloting process, sending official Workgroup ballot-related communications to the Workgroup members, recording votes and tallying votes. The Workgroup will, at least one week in advance of the meeting, indicate that a given meeting is decisional, and will take tentative action based on those in attendance at decisional meetings. Such a tentative actions will be succeeded by a written e-mail ballot communication to the current list of Testing Workgroup members to provide the full Workgroup an opportunity to object within 15 days (abstentions will not be considered objections). If more than 1/3 of the Testing Work Group members eligible to vote object, then the ballot will have failed to pass, otherwise it will have passed ballot.

Testing Workgroup Roster


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