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Official eHealth Exchange Errata and Change Log

Official eHealth Exchange Change/Service Advisory Log

The following specifications have been approved by the eHealth Exchange Coordinating Committee and are not intended to be linked to any particular use case, but are available for implementation across a myriad of use cases.

Initial Production Specifications

These production specifications are in effect now, and are currently being used by a limited number of existing production participants but they are being sunset at a date to be determined by the eHealth Exchange Coordinating Committee.

Direct Secure Messaging

Direct Project Applicability Statement for Secure Transport v1.2 (Approved by CC: 4/21/2015

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (HL7 FHIR®)

Standard for Trial Use (STU3) (Approved by CC: 6/8/2015)

Personal Health Record (PHR)

Personal Health Record (PHR) Profile (Approved by CC: 10/1/2016)